LumpyLand Builds in VulcanVerse Alpha Testing

Arcadia Build 1: A recreation of Venomtail, one of the VulcanVerse’s Vulcanites.
Arcadia Build 1: More artistic version. Night offers amazing screenshot opportunities.
Arcadia Build 2: The Vulcanite Thunder
Arcadia Build 2: Tunder Vs. Charon and Velosina
Arcadia Build 3: One Plot Challenge. Aphrodite’s Wedding Perch (with Thunder in Background)
Notus Build 1: Sphynx
Hades Build 1: Medusa (But looks more like the Beholder from D&D)
Boreas Build 1: Mountaintop Inn and Caverns below
Boreas Build 1: Above ground cave with dwelling
Boreas Build 1: Canyon Dwelling




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Justin Halgren

Justin Halgren

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